Tonya Toutge – Minister of Children and Families

Tonya Tougte - Minister of Children & Families
Tonya Tougte – Minister of Children & Families

Tonya Toutge serves as our Minister for Children and Families. As a life long resident of the Twin Cities she has served in ministries, private non-profit agencies, and academic settings all over the metro area. Tonya believes that ministry opportunities are everywhere; and that with the help of the Spirit, we become ministers when we open ourselves to see the other, their perspective, and their needs. A wonderful way to practice this happens when we engage with children, and in doing so we can learn to engage with others in similar ways.

Tonya is a life-long learner and holds Masters degrees in both Counseling Psychology and Theology (Church History). In recent years she has been involved with ministries and people who have shown her an ecumenical God and expanded her understanding of faith formation. She believes that by experiencing lots of different faith opportunities when we are younger our adult faith is shaped in profound ways. Her vocational call is teaching and it gets expressed in many forms as she is passionate about helping others to grow at all stages of life.

Tonya lives with her husband who is an elementary teacher, two amazing compassionate daughters, and three goofball kitties. For fun she loves doing anything her teenagers are doing, reading Church history, and traveling.

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