Holiday Worship Schedule 2017

blue xmas

December 10th @ 7pm

This will be a quiet service of meditation and prayer for those who are feeling lost and alone this holiday season. This season is often one of “forced” good cheer. This service reminds us that sometimes this season is difficult for many people. We’ll have some good music and a time to feel the support of our larger church family. There will be child care provided and comfort food following the service.


Christmas Eve Services

Sunday. December 24th
10:00am – Children’s Pageant with Candlelight


We will blessed this Sunday with a unique telling of the story by our Bible Adventures Children. Our pageant play, “Hurry Up, Harold,” a story of simplifying Christmas, is inspired by the true meaning of the season and written by our own, Cheryl Nordquist. This will be a great blessing for us all.


interfaith vigil candles

Sunday. December 24th
9:45pm – Service of Lessons and Carols with Candlelight

This traditional service will bring forward our gifted choir to continue their telling of the sacred story through music. Prelude music will start the service and our short meditation will bring us all into that state of reverence and remembrance. It may even feel like the shift is happening as we experience this same story once again.


Christmas Service 10am

Monday, December 25th @10:00am
CHRISTMAS DAY with Communion

Special Guest – “Joshua – The Younger Brother of Jesus”
Growing up in the shadow of a Savior

Christmas morning is a time of chaos for most families and a profoundly lonely time for others. This service welcomes all people who wish to find some meaning and focus on a holy day. We will sing the traditional songs and even get visited by one of the characters who prepared the way for this event to happen. Come as you are (PJ’s are welcome) and celebrate this holy day with your wider family.

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